❤️Check in 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM    Check out 11:00 AM

*Note* RV license plate number required at check in.

Please give advance notice if you require different hours – we’ll accommodate if we can!

One vehicle and RV or tent per site. Extra vehicles, boats, tow trailers, etc. may need parked next to Lucy’s RV Park. Please inform us of this need when reserving.

You may park your vehicle in an unoccupied site as long as you remain on the premises – if you go off-site and your vehicle prevents utilization of a site you may be charged for the site.

Cancellation/refunds: 24 hour notice required to prevent cancellation charge. If you’ve reserved a week or more, please give 48 hour notice to prevent cancellation charges. Refunds given for early departure are solely at the discretion of park management.  


❤️ Lucy’s office hours vary        Lucy’s cell # 719-742-3252

• we’re a small family-operated park and may be out on the park grounds
• if we’re not in the office, we’ll post a note in the office how to reach us
• park host lives on-site in the white Aspen trailer just south of the office
• our goal is for your stay at Lucy’s to be pleasant and enjoyable!
• we love to accommodate site requests but reserve the right to make changes


❤️ Pets – Lucy’s loves pets, and asks owners to be respectful of the neighborhood!

• keep leashed/controlled; no anxious pets left alone; incessant barking not tolerated 
• pick up after your pet – forgot waste bags? Ask us for some! 
• don’t throw used waste bags in restroom trash cans – use the dumpster
• don’t bathe pets in Lucy’s showers
• please refrain from allowing pets to ‘water’ neighborhood lawns/landscapes


❤️ Lucy’s provides a dumpster for guest use.

• dumpster is next to the office wall on the north side
• we’ll be happy to help you break down larger boxes before discarding 
• close lid after use -raise bar to secure (we have hungry, messy bears!)
• do not use the dumpster on the other side of the alley
• recycling is available next to the La Veta Post Office


❤️ WiFi information.

• LucysRVPark1 (north end of park) & LucysRVPark2 (south end of park)
• passwords given upon arrival:
• please limit heavy streaming so everyone can enjoy emailing/browsing
• if you have important business and can’t connect, let us know!


❤️ Bathroom etiquette.

• enjoy showering but please don’t ‘camp out’ – others may be waiting
• complete daily hygiene (hair, makeup, shaving) at your site if possible
• lights off and close doors, especially at night – keep leaves and critters out!
• no smoking in restrooms 
• please don’t use toilets as trash receptacles
• if you notice the facilities need attention, let us know!


❤️ Lucy’s may have visiting wildlife (we are in bear country!).

Please don’t put yourself or our lovely wild animals at risk by approaching them. If you observe them in our park, watch from a safe place/distance. We are not responsible for injuries sustained from wildlife. Bear safety information can be found here:


We love a great photo as much as you do. If you see bears around Town, please respect them! View, take a few photos from your vehicle, then leave. Never taunt or attempt to entice a bear toward you. 

Bears become accustomed to people but they are not tame, this is not a zoo, and they risk euthanasia if they become a Town nuisance. Your actions are key in preventing this!

• never leave food, pet food, or garbage out in the park, day or night
• do not feed Town deer


❤️ Mail/Package Delivery

• Your Name, Lucy’s RV Park, PO Box 998, 226 W Grand, La Veta, CO 81055
• La Veta does not have Town USPS mail delivery 
• we attempt to pick up mail daily but do not guarantee this service
• we get mail to you in a timely manner, but do not guarantee it will be same day of pick up 
• La Veta Post Office has options if you prefer to be in charge of your own mail

FedEx and UPS may deliver to the park or may drop off at the Post Office. Lucy’s does not guarantee office staffing during delivery hours and is not responsible for unattended packages. Please let us know if you expect a delivery requiring a signature and we’ll do our best to work with you. 


❤️ Lucy’s wants to keep rates affordable.

• conserve water/electric when possible – it’s better for our environment, too! 


❤️ Quiet hours are 10PM – 7AM


❤️ Want popcorn? Just ask – we’ll happily make you some!


❤️ Call 911 for EMERGENCY!

• Lucy’s RV Park, 226 West Grand, La Veta, Colorado, Site # ________

• Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center (SPRHC) from La Veta:
–Take highway 12 north from La Veta to highway 160
–Turn east (right) on highway 160 toward Walsenburg, drive appx 8 miles
–SPRHC is on the south (right) side of the highway

Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center
23500 U.S. Highway 160
Walsenburg, CO 81089
(719) 738-5100

❤️ We take photos throughout the season and may place them only on websites or pages directly related to Lucy’s RV Park. If you do NOT want your photos or photos of your rig posted, please let us know. We do not identify our guests in anyway without your permission!

Thank YOU for choosing to stay at Lucy’s!

Safe travels, everyone! 



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